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A Girls Best Friend | Arlie + Kiley

13 years ago in May, Arlie’s Grandma and Grandpa bought her a puppy for her 9th birthday. She named that puppy, Kiley and for 13 years Kiley has been a part of the DeYoung family, sleeping on the floor beside Arlie’s bed at night, going out to feed the horses in the morning. She’s been there through it all. Kiley is getting older now and can’t quite make it up the stairs every night for bed and I know Arlie has spent a few nights on the couch downstairs keeping her company. She may move a little slower these days but she still goes out to the barn for chores and she’ll still play with the other dogs from time to time.

You won’t find a more loyal best friend in all the land.

 Arlie wanted to have some photos of the two of them together to commemorate the special bond they’ve had for the last 13 years. I asked her to send me some photos of them together through the years and so I could include them in this post.

Enjoy the preciousness.



Arlie’s 9th Birthday





The day she got Kiley and now.

The day she got Kiley and now.

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