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Zac’s Birthday Surprise

My favorite person’s birthday was April 1st and I am just now getting around to posting pictures! My husband turned 24 this year, and because this was his first birthday as my HUSBAND I decided to set up a little surprise for him.

Step 1: Call his boss (who is conveniently also his uncle) and get him the day off work.

Step 2: Call all of his buddies and let them know you’re setting up a surprise and they’re all going to a gun range for Zac’s birthday.

Step 3: Bake the most awesome cake ever (to Zac anyway) with your best friend. Okay, her mom baked it…but we helped. Thanks Amy!!


So March 31 rolls around and Zac still knows nothing of any of this but he’s become a tad suspicious so I decided to tell him the night before his birthday that he had the day off. It’s a good thing I did because it took me about 10 minuets to convince him I was telling the truth. He probably wouldn’t have believed me when he was half asleep at 6am and he would have gone to work anyway!  I also told him that I had made reservations for he and I to go shooting at the gun range. If you know my husband at all you know theres no other way I could have gotten those guns out of our house without him knowing, he practically sleeps with them.

Needless to say he was pretty excited!

The next morning we slept in a little and started off our day with lunch at his all time favorite place to eat, Pete’s Tavern.

Lunch at Pete

Lunch at Pete’s

5After that we headed to Cabelas to get ammunition and a few other things we needed. Alright fine, Zac went to Cabelas…he dropped me off at Target. What can I say, once you’ve walked around Cabelas aimlessly for an hour while your husband decides exactly which reloading stuff he needs once, you’ve done it a hundred times. Only wives/girlfriends of hunters will understand this. Moving on.

So, we get home, pack up all his guns and it’s only 6pm. We didn’t have to be there until 6:30 but of course Zac is all excited to he’s rushing me to get in the car. I’m like, “Uh hang on I need coffee. Oh actually I should pee before we leave. Wait let me just wash these dishes a sec.” You’d think he would have caught on but I knew I could get away with it because if I’m being honest that’s how I always am before we leave the house. Hence, my reputation for being late to everything.

We get in the car and I’m frantically texting all the guys to hurry up and get there because I wanted them to be there when we pulled up. My brothers haven’t even left the house, and we end up passing them on the way! Thankfully Zac didn’t notice and they somehow still beat us there. Whew.

As we’re pulling up to the gun range, all of the sudden Zac sees all of their cars.

“What? Babe, did you invite EVERYONE here??”

(I’m grinning like a cheshire cat in the passenger seat, discretely video taping him on my phone.)

All in all he was pretty surprised, but if you ask him he “knew it all along”.


But the fun didn’t end there, after they were done shooting the guys brought him to AJ’s bar where all the girls, more friends and our parents were waiting with the cake.

Birthday boy and his JD cake

Birthday boy and his JD cake

Zac and my Dad

Zac and my Dad

It was such a fun night celebrating Zac and our first “married birthday” 🙂

  • grandma b - Love, love, love the pictures! What a fun day you planned for Zac 🙂 Bet he loved every minute of it!ReplyCancel

  • Chris O'Brien - You guys are adorable. Love you both.ReplyCancel

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