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Farmhouse Update July 2016 – Kitchen and Living room

It’s been such a crazy year working on our house and I’ve been doing my best to document it. I’ve been meaning to post some before and after photos and a blog post seemed like the best way to do it. We bought our farmhouse 1 year ago as a foreclosure and as you can see in the pictures it was pretty gross. The previous owners had pet pigs, yes PIGS in the house so the whole house smelled horrible. The smell is probably the biggest transformation of all. We spent a good couple of weeks just cleaning and ripping out nasty carpet before we started the actual renovations. We sold our previous house within 24 hours of putting it on the market so from the day we first looked at the farmhouse we only had 8 weeks to make it livable so we could move in. We planned to focus on the kitchen, living room, main floor bathroom and master bedroom and leave the three upstairs bedrooms, bathroom and mudroom for after we moved in. There was wood paneling in most of the house including the living room and kitchen and we didn’t have the time to have it all drywalled so we decided to work with what we had and leave the kitchen cabinets and the paneling for now. The plan is to renovate the kitchen and living room in a few years and change up the layout a bit.

The one thing that I knew I wanted to do was remove the separating walls from the dining room to the living room. As you can see in the photos the room was divided and it made the living room pretty small and dark. I felt like the dining room wouldn’t get used and I wanted it to be more open concept. Thanks, Joanna Gains 😉 Taking out those walls and keeping the paneling was a little tricky but thanks to my handy husband and father in law we got it done. It made such a big difference and I would do it again in a heartbeat. We also did open shelving between the kitchen and living room which helped open it up and let the light through. At one time there was a pass through there that someone had covered up with plywood. My mother in law had the idea to take the cupboard doors off and make it open shelving. It’s definitely my favorite part of our kitchen!
We painted the kitchen cabinets, put in new countertops and backsplash along with new flooring and appliances. The paneling was also painted and I refinished the doors on the pantry.
In the living room we took out the wall, added a beam to the ceiling to cover the missing ceiling tiles, painted the paneling and put in new carpet.



During…photo 3After taking out the wall!
photo 1

My little sister Ellie scraped every one of those stickers off the door.


Primer! IMG_6220You can see in this photo where we removed the plywood and made the open shelving.

IMG_6223Painting the kitchen cabinets.IMG_6225

Zac’s Grandma found this table and chairs at a garage sale and let me know about it. I was able to buy the set for $100 and refinish it. You’ll see how it looks now in the after photos.




The projects will probably never really end around here but it’s so fun seeing the difference each project makes! Hopefully I’ll be a little more diligent about posting

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